Friday, April 13, 2012


not going through a period of not posting again, it seems after the whole SOPA PIPA thing it's gotten a bit harder to find things. been trying to put up beach house memory house(have these, havent upped though) owen hanna ost. no luck

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Honey Drum - Stranger Calls (2012)

we get so many emails from lesser known artist..and from tumblr follows. but ive to say most of these things fall under the rug or whatever. for some reason though i listened to these people and since ive a great love for ariel pink and it reminds me of my senior year in the country i was especially down for this. if you like him too, this is like some old unreleased work it seems. at first and then again in the middle i figured they just stole some lesseer know track but the shit's legit -

Spotify Playlist

An incredible fan of the site recently sent us a link to a partial playlist of everything we've put up so far. if you've got spotify pull this shit up.  so chill it would also help if youve downloaded a bit of the more obscure things as they wouldnt show up otherwise