Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad Souls - Apeiron [Japanse Edition] (2012)

we're uh haha in no way affiliated with this dude. one day when searching for our soundcloud we found his. and like i was reluctant at first to even check it out cause ive checked other bands that have band names i want or already have (wsup FatherSun) and they sucked. but this guy. aw man, he is exactly what we listen to here at SSS HQ. dreamy, soft, echoes of memories from when you were happier. got all the extra bonus tracks here from when it was remastered  -

Mountains - Air Museum (2011)

Mountains – Choral (2008)

like i said before, saw these guys open for TWDY a week or so ago and what an experience that was. not even for a second did i get that 'when is this opening band going to stop being on stage or breathing' feeling thought. i was completely immersed in it from the beginning. i mean first off these guys are using analog instruments (acoustic guitar, acordian, piano) fed through a table of peddle boards (see this photo) but it's easily and quickly some of the smoothest electronic to have wrapped itself around my cold body. this is the older album but ill put the newer one up next -

Monday, February 27, 2012

All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone Remixes (2007)

Are you shtting me? why I not know about this till a few days ago? it's been four and something YEARS. fuck. Jesu, Adem, The Paper Chase, Mountains (I saw them open for This Will Destroy You like a week ago and they were fucking ahh so so incredible by the way), Four Tet, and Eluvium each remix a track from this album. it's the most amazing thing on this planet. what the hell are you still doing here? -

EtherA - FREE ETHEREA (2011)

Before Balam Acab there was Rural Lamplight or some shit that really wasnt that good, then there was EthereA who was hip hop break beat laden and a clear progression into what he would later become. but it's different and in a good way. on this album he remixes animal collective's college, Josephine Foster, St. Vincent, does a Wavves and MF DOOM mash up. ah man is it so fucking satisfying -

Laraaji - Ambient III / Days of Radience (1980)

Back to our roots? or maybe that's shoegaze.. This guy's been playing string intruments since the 50's pair him with Brian Eno and I mean the bar you just mentally set still gets surpassed. lay down -

Beat Culture - Tokyo Dreamer (2012)

Beat culture is this 17 year old kid who claims to have started making music last February..right haha.but it is incredible regardless of the credibility of it's producer. he's released some ep so far that i wouldnt say is worth it in comparison to what he's making now. the album this one will be on Tokyo Dreamer hasnt dropped yet but we'll have it soon enough. for now his soundcloud is the only way to get new stuff.
hahah i was definitely under the impression the album wasnt out yet till mid-this post. like they say 'see things for yourself' or whatever. a new one should be 'why ever ask someone a question on the internet when you can google?'   suffice to say I can only vouche for half the album. i'm sure theyre all sick as fuck though -

Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts (2011)

Post-Sonic Youth i guess. man blood never lies had me from the start but then you find out the rest of the album ebbs and flows just like that one into one very cohesive roaming experience. it never got cold so you dont have to wait till 'spring' to drive around the countryside listening to this one - download

Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium (1991)

Motherfucking sludgy heavy waves keeping you down wading through a sand pit shit. this is most enjoyed loud (in your room, or driving through elementary school parking lots while you pick up your little sister) the dude from Napalm Death's old band -

Teen Daze - A Silent Planet (2011)

Man how layered and dreamy can you get? this is like Candy Claws and Lucky Dragons just making the sweetest love imaginable. See that up there? picture yourself alone walking around out there cold yet warm the silence growing so loud around you. too easy to fall asleep to, maybe that's why it flew a little under the radar.. - download