Monday, February 27, 2012

Beat Culture - Tokyo Dreamer (2012)

Beat culture is this 17 year old kid who claims to have started making music last February..right haha.but it is incredible regardless of the credibility of it's producer. he's released some ep so far that i wouldnt say is worth it in comparison to what he's making now. the album this one will be on Tokyo Dreamer hasnt dropped yet but we'll have it soon enough. for now his soundcloud is the only way to get new stuff.
hahah i was definitely under the impression the album wasnt out yet till mid-this post. like they say 'see things for yourself' or whatever. a new one should be 'why ever ask someone a question on the internet when you can google?'   suffice to say I can only vouche for half the album. i'm sure theyre all sick as fuck though -

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