Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad Souls - Apeiron [Japanse Edition] (2012)

we're uh haha in no way affiliated with this dude. one day when searching for our soundcloud we found his. and like i was reluctant at first to even check it out cause ive checked other bands that have band names i want or already have (wsup FatherSun) and they sucked. but this guy. aw man, he is exactly what we listen to here at SSS HQ. dreamy, soft, echoes of memories from when you were happier. got all the extra bonus tracks here from when it was remastered  -


  1. If you like this and you haven't heard "Mend" by Geotic, you are seriously missing out. He put it up free here:

  2. teen daze reinterpreting mend is my favorite 4 tracks from last year