Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Balmorhea - Constellations (2010)

Memories of cycling along the river, clawing my way out of the void, 7 months basically in a free roam prison at that point. For quite some time I would have these great epiphanies while listening to this album the song below in particular.. couldve seen them in TX, was short on cash at the time -

Monday, March 28, 2011

Big K.R.I.T. - Wuz Here (2010)

how to sum this up? it's the shit. apparently he makes all his own beats, and damn theyre nice. a lot of complex sounds and samples blahlabalah -

Friday, March 25, 2011

This Will Destroy You - Tunnel Blanket (2011)

I'll start posting more i promise. This was the album TWDY has been meaning to make. the first track is heavy and in the vein of nadja. The rest drifts on in the most beautiful way, like floating down a lazy river of garbage and radioactive material after 2012 happens. The best post rock i've heard in a while.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (2011)

I feel kinda bad posting this. This band will always have a special place in my heartz. Past prefuse 73 and m83 this was the first band that I got into that was out of I guess conventionality at the time. It blew me away and I went head first into indie and more post-rock and everything afterwards. I'm already fucking nostalgic on the below track since they constantly are making nods to themselves. Driving out to north carolina in two weeks to go see them again. buy their vinyl and hide your drugs in it -

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lil B - I Think I'm BasedGod

I wanna start putting his shit up like every day

one day i'll rip thirty of his best and put em up here. for now just enjoy ^

Toe - The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety (2005)

Japanese mathy post-rock group. heard this for the first time on the radio one day a friend and I were going to every thrift shop in town stealing shit, which I pretty much only do while drunk or with him or both. auggy and I is a bad match up. Anyhow, turns out these guys have several more albums I've yet to listen to. I was actually telling someone yesterday that no matter how much I love one album it takes me forever to check out their other stuff..conversely though, it's usually halfway through the second album I get that I go crazy to get their discography and hunt down every track they appeared on and remixed etc -

Optimist Park - the clouds and the mountain EP (2011)

Uhhh reposting the hell out of this. You know what we like here, shoegazy alternatives and whatnot. Says they released their EP just a few days ago actually. Shit looks looks like we're all ahead of the curve here.  Won't post a video..I just suggest going to their Bandcamp and listening all the way through. I like all the songs but I have to say the way it ambiently builds up to the folky 'where the road begins' then falls back into such lightness was so sweet.

Bibio - Mind Bokeh (2011)

So glad a new album is out. Wish uh i heard about new albums earlier than a week before they release... lul just being a bitch we're so fortunate to even have a quarter of what we do. Unwarranted humbleness, hell yeah yall -
So pumped on 'Wake Up!' reminds me of sega games. just wait till I maybez put up the new Flashbulb. those dudes mustve been all over sega genesis while making thier album.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

jesu - infinity (Japanese Release) (2009)

you can't go wrong with jkBROderick - 
this slow churning beast slowly builds up only to drop you down into this heavy fucking pit of shadows and jingles. the video below is only a little taste, the actual song is 48 minutes long, and with the bonus track comes a little Final or maybe Pale Sketcher re-interpretation. have fun loving this as much as i do.

Gkfoes Vjgoaf - "i dream" // "i know"

less known spacey folky dude out of san fran. my second to last great myspace find behind Friendly Foliage.
people seem to be coming for this..if you want us to upload the album leave a comment or send an email. gots it hear waitin 4 u 

Boris - Pink (2005)

a friend of mine used to play the song below like everytime i saw him, gots memmems to it. but it's still Boris, therefore still good, nostalgia aside -

Friday, March 18, 2011

Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins - The Moon & The Melodies (1986)

maybez i'll write a description later? word. Harold Budd, very well known ambient artist akin to brian eno and the Cocteau Twins (favorite) tried to collab on an album..and it's the general consensus that they failed trying to achieve that much. however what we were left with were a few good songs by the CTwins with Budd influence and a few good songs by Budd with CTwin influence. so it all works out. love the cocteau twins so much. love that jesu was born out of them. wish someone could just get ONE picture of Robin Guthrie's pedal board hah -

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Belong - Common Era (2011)

I'm so behind yall - forgive me

surprised october language isn't on here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Belong (2011)

I had already loved this group before with the simple catchy pop with light shoegaze influence. Now it's almost full of shoegazy!? 'Whaaaat'(sup bereny) hahah. nah this is great, it's over too soon. pumped on seeing them with twin shadow. maybez ill do an impromptu interview 4 da blog? we'll sees -

Infinite Body - Carve Out The Face of My God (2010)

riding the ambient wave out to shore. this one also washes over you like a breeze from the ocean or something. there is a certain quality about the ambient we post here that has an edge above others. skill, genius, substance? not sure. just know it's one of the best imo - 

Mark McGuire - Tidings II (2009)

Real nice, slowly building, relaxing memories. Emeralds member markmcG -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st Playlist

Made this a bit ago, bunch of old songs I figured this friend would like. a few of the albums popped up below since they were back in my head for a while after i made this, you guys will more than likely see a few more pop albums on here just cause this got me back in the mood for it all. Usually people put up track listings for these..I'll pass. Just know it's an incredibly chill compilation made for a girl who's more trouble than she's worth. Luckily for this music blogger that trouble is only making a mixtape :3 -

Monday, March 14, 2011

Animal Hospital - A Safe Place

I could picking up shit for this if ein weren't so incidentally anonymous. whatever, this show has some great music. really like the Naomi episode where all they played was Beach House and High Places..and actually i think Steve Reich was in that one too. Anyhow the above track I've been sitting on for a really long time now.. like I had always intended to rip the audio from this video, just for personal listening. then I made this blog and thought you know 'man, i should rip it, and insert it in the upload' obviously still haven't done either. but this track, man this track is good, but alone it lacks all the emotion you feel as if on a small boat atop an ocean of melancholy. maybe it was the impact of that scene in context of watching the whole series up to that point. but I mean you can't deny that, however unintentional, all of that is perfectly in sync with the music. Of all the scenes and all the tracks, these two found one another like missing puzzle pieces. strange love story in a way. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Odd Nosdam - T.I.M.E. Soundtrack (2009)

For Element Skateboards' 2007 feature-length skate vid T.I.M.E: This Is My Element, Odd Nosdam made a special effort to create music that would complement the specific individual style of each skater on board. Instead of raging breathlessly, as a skateboarder might, the 13 songs on T.I.M.E. Soundtrack swirl by in an ethereal Boards of Canada, Panda Bear vibe, giving a dreamlike feel to sliding down rails and gliding through the air. Hips hops instrumentals. Good stuff. (i'm not the best reviewer hah) -

haha having trouble embedding this one..full skate video is here

here's a lil pre view

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quiet Village - Silent Movie (2008)

Honestly,'s little description of these guys i think puts it best when they say, Instead of asking who Quiet Village is, we might begin by asking what, or better, where. Naggingly familiar, it sounds like the name of a place glimpsed in a film, or perhaps a dream. And that’s just about right. For Quiet Village—the group, that is—make music inspired by classic soundtracks, vintage TV adverts and long-forgotten BBC programs, triggering an emotional response so deep-seated it’s practically subliminal. It's like partially tropical partially R&B nostalgia born instrumentals.. I've never really tired of this album but on the other hand I could also say I was never hooked to this album to the same degree I have been with other favorites. anyhow without further adieu - 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Merzbow - Merzbient (12CD Box Set) (2010)

Merzbow started playing live internationally in the late '80s, this required the use of simple and portable gear, which then influenced his studio sound. But he also continued to use junk and acoustic instruments in the studio, including a "big handmade junk instrument made from a metal box with piano wires" played with a violin bow, and recorded several hours of quieter material. The music was recorded in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, at a time when Masamik Akita (Merzbow) was becoming famous for his live performances, which featured some of the harshest sounds ever heard. The records he released mirrored these performances, and helped establish his reputation as the prime mover in the Japanese noise scene. The electronics he used for his recordings were the same ones he used for live shows. Out of necessity he toured with gear that was small, simple and portable. But all the while he was secretly recording quieter, more atmospheric music, and using a wide variety of acoustic instruments including afro mentioned impractical monstrosity. He made hours and hours of recordings, but kept them private and never released them, until they were eventually set aside and forgotten. He recently rediscovered the multi-track master tapes in a box and remastered them for release on CD. And what a discovery they are! These twelve discs represent a side of Merzbow never before heard. The music bears many of the signature styles expected from Merzbow – think of the theme of long-form drones pierced by random bursts of sound, for example – but it’s enticingly different from what we’ve heard before, with spacious sounds evoking prehistoric misty landscapes, desolate abandoned industrial sites, and sci-fi/horror film soundtracks. If the familiar and traditional Merzbow is like a jet plane taking off at full-throttle then “Merzbient” is the hanger where the plane was built. Not a violent assault on the ears, but something more interior, more personal, and more gentle.

Each disc comes in separate full-color sleeves, packed in a hardcover box with red foil printing. Includes a die-cast metal "動物解放" (Animal Liberation) medallion. Limited to 555 numbered copies. Printed in Hong Kong.

Recorded at ZSF Produkt Studio 1987-1990.
Digitally remastered from original cassette tapes March 2010.

1987 - tracks: 9-1, 10-1
1988 - tracks: 10-2, 12-2
1989 - tracks: 1-1 to 3-1, 11-2
1990 - tracks: 4-1 to 8-2, 11-1, 12-1

"RBA" means "Right Brain Audile", used by Akita for his soundtracks to bondage films produced by Right Brain, the term appears on the Music for Bondage Performance albums. "Capsule Cologne" and "UD II-S 90" were types of cassettes made by Hitachi Maxell.

Gots nos videos. It's ten hours of borderline almost abrasive sounds yet somehow oddly pleasant and consistent. I'm defiantly keeping this playing all weekend.though, for what it's worth

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Delicate Steve - Wondervisions (2011)

can't say anything about this this.. -
it's good though, so good, don't get me wrong...just crazy

Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers - Teenage and Torture (2011)

Honestly, a good amount of these songs are hard to sit through, puttin this up for the buzz yall. lol, actually i do like the below song though, it takes a little bit of time but once it picks up it gets pretty decent -

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Land Of Talk - A Series Of Small Flames

Still sorta bummed i got my first ever panic attack while seeing them perform..
thanks for not properly ventilating your venue, bro

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Windy & Carl - Drawing of Sound (1996)

or it could just be 1996 week hah -

Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar (1996)

thinking of doing an Atlanta based music and i kick it off with a dude from ohio who lived in GA for a while then went on to san fran.. uhh -

Monday, March 7, 2011

M83 - M83 (2001)

The early more hip hopish more spacey M83.. before he got all avant garde in '08 and totally called the 80's rehashmovement -

Tanlines - Settings EP (2009)

just found out about this new genre of music called 'chillwave' yall -

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Junip - Fields [3 CD Deluxe Edition] (2010)

Was going to post some Jose Gonzales to go along with the Owen post below, but i think the last album he made was in 07, plus i remembered hearing some band he was apart of in barnes&noble a few months ago so decided to check that out..and here it is. The same warm girth of folk with a much fuller, band arrangement sound. the sound quality of the pack i finally found isnt the best :/ sorry guys. 
Took me forever to find the three CD version.. it was worth it

Owen - Owen (2001)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seven Fields Of Aphelion - Periphery (2010)

so good. rehashes a few old BMSR songs she probably wrote, fleshes them out all ambient like, fans of this genre should already have this -

here's the original too if you you never got in to their earlier stuff

Soft Circle - Full Bloom (2007)

Former Black Dice drummer & original member of Lightning Bolt, Soft Circle is Hisham Akira Bharoocha's one man band, using every limb to play guitar,drums,electronics and vocals.The first two tracks will blow you away -
picks up at 1:47

Eluvium - Copia (2007)