Monday, March 14, 2011

Animal Hospital - A Safe Place

I could picking up shit for this if ein weren't so incidentally anonymous. whatever, this show has some great music. really like the Naomi episode where all they played was Beach House and High Places..and actually i think Steve Reich was in that one too. Anyhow the above track I've been sitting on for a really long time now.. like I had always intended to rip the audio from this video, just for personal listening. then I made this blog and thought you know 'man, i should rip it, and insert it in the upload' obviously still haven't done either. but this track, man this track is good, but alone it lacks all the emotion you feel as if on a small boat atop an ocean of melancholy. maybe it was the impact of that scene in context of watching the whole series up to that point. but I mean you can't deny that, however unintentional, all of that is perfectly in sync with the music. Of all the scenes and all the tracks, these two found one another like missing puzzle pieces. strange love story in a way. 

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