Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quiet Village - Silent Movie (2008)

Honestly,'s little description of these guys i think puts it best when they say, Instead of asking who Quiet Village is, we might begin by asking what, or better, where. Naggingly familiar, it sounds like the name of a place glimpsed in a film, or perhaps a dream. And that’s just about right. For Quiet Village—the group, that is—make music inspired by classic soundtracks, vintage TV adverts and long-forgotten BBC programs, triggering an emotional response so deep-seated it’s practically subliminal. It's like partially tropical partially R&B nostalgia born instrumentals.. I've never really tired of this album but on the other hand I could also say I was never hooked to this album to the same degree I have been with other favorites. anyhow without further adieu - 

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