Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ghost Mountain - ? (2010?)

The above isn't the album art, just some picture i took in the city a few weeks ago. Man idk on this one, zune shuffle is weird, you know what i'm talking about if you have one.. so i'm driving around listening to Black Moth, Boards, and like Caribou and this comes up out of nowhere. don't know when or where I got it. can't find anything about it online. but it's alright, reminds me a lot of BMSR it has a few...every track that has that rapper dude on it, I'd rather he wasn't but the beats and sounds behind it sound real nice so I just zone him out. then again I don't really like Yoni Wolf so I could be biased. Also a bunch of the other songs don't all sound like the one below, a few are ambientish.. anyhow - http://www.mediafire.com/?ynybb6ea5ekj8kj

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