Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tumblr active

It's finally up. It probably isn't a big deal to any of y'all not involved but that site and this blog moreso has been a long long time coming. I'm on a fucking phone typing this but I. Do think we need to explain our history a bit and since even though I spend an ungodly abmount of time online, it's only for practical purposes so eyes don't know shit about web design so no separate tab here. The way I was introduced to my group of friends the thing that's been at our core is humor and music, though we hardly talk about bands or albums. But the original idea for this whole thing came from the great depression of 2009 Josh nick and I were all in dark places for different reasons and the main way we were dealing with it besides constant and consistent breaking of social contract was the extension of it by writing these ridiculously crude stories. A good bit of them will be up soon. Take em or leave em. We might hav similar taste in music but our humor could be so so far apart. I'm just glad we're actually taking this into our hands somewhat rather than sitting around talking and hoping

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